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Vartotojo vardas yang
Vartotojo pavardė siyu
Gimimo diena 01.08.1981
Zodiako ženklas Liūtas
Lytis Moteris
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Santykių tipas romatiškiems susitikimams, ilgalaikiams santykiams, draugystei, seksui
Šalis Hong Kongas
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Miestas hongkong
Vedybinis statusas Nevedęs/netekėjusi
Tikėjimas Kita
Darbas tell you later
Hobi music,film
Apie I am a girl who is easy going,never feel uncomfortable in an place even if I hasn’t been there before.I am active, full of vigor,but that isn’t mean I hate quiet.When I am alone, I enjoy the peace.I am eager to love a man who can protect me,deeply love me.I want to live with him all my life.
Ieškomo žmogaus lytis Vyras
Ieškomo žmogaus amžius 16 - 60
Ieškomo žmogaus ūgis 127cm - 213cm
Ieškomo žmogaus svoris 36kg - 136kg
Registracijos data 04.01.2011, 09:49:17
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First Impressions 01.03.2011, 15:21:28
Simply lovely Yang!!Truly lovely.

Anyhow,let me know if ur interested too.


Senore Gringo

hi my name is michael 24.02.2011, 06:54:34
hi i am fun loving man just looking for what god has 4 me never been married and have no kids still looking my last gf was from bejing and would like to find another one who wants me she has gone to school and wont be back would u be interested in haveing a man 54? i presently own my own buisness mik’s pc world florida
michael powell

^__^ 05.01.2011, 14:06:57
Heeeeeeyyy Yang 8
First welcome here, do you like it a bit ^_^
Second a verry happy new year Yang to you and your family, euhhh well euhh the first happy new year that is than, because your real happy new year isn’t until Februari with the Lunar Festival n___n

And don’t worry about finding a special somebody Yang you will find someone in no time, because after seeing your photo’s I think that you are a very happy and cheerfull young woman

The only thing I do not understand is why you seek in a age till 60.
Because what does a beautifull young woman like you wants a man who is 60 :-s
(but maybe I misunderstood or something)

So Yang how is Hong Kong, is it a beautifull city with alot of nature or does it mostly exists only out of buildings.
And is it also very cold there or is it a bit warmer in Hong Kong

But anyhow I won’t disturb you any longer ok Yang
So you take care now ok Yang.


The Joker Hahaha ^__^


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