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Gimimo diena 23.06.1963
Zodiako ženklas Vėžys
Lytis Vyras
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Šalis Didžioji Britanija
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Miestas Hackney
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Vedybinis statusas Našlys/našlė
Vaikai 1
Ūgis 175cm
Svoris 84kg
Etniškumas Maišytas
Tikėjimas Tikintis į Dievą
Išsilavinimas Doktorantas
Darbas Real Estate Manager
Hobi Reading
Apie I’m a nice guy, generally, but I have a naughty side and that’s why I’m on here. I don’t believe in doing or not doing something just because you feel you should. but that’s not to say I live some Hedonistic greedy life. I have fun when I can. I love to have a laugh and I’m always smiling, I try to see the good in everything and Im very good at playing Devils advocate. I have a good job that I enjoy (most of the time), but it takes up a lot of my time. That’s one of the reasons I’m on here.I?m the kind of guy who?s a successful business owner but who knows that building a relationship with one special woman is what life is all about.

I wish to an honest, understanding and supportive woman who is looking for a man to support your hopes and dreams? Someone strong and self-assured who?s also attentive and caring?I?m looking for a woman who?s independent but feminine, bubbly and outgoing, yet very down-to-earth. Someone who?s flexible and fun and who treats other people well. It would be great to learn from one another and create a relationship built on mutual caring, respect and understanding. I also value a woman who?s fit and active and who enjoys taking part in all that life has to offer. Because I?m very family oriented, I?m also fine with a woman who has a child. If any of my profile catches your eye, I hope you?ll take a chance, reach out and send me an email sharing some of your thoughts and feelings. There?s no time like the present to invite more happiness into your life!
Ieškomo žmogaus lytis Moteris
Ieškomo žmogaus etniškumas Baltas/Kaukazietiškas, Ispaniškas, Aziejitiškas, Afro-amerikitiškas/Juodas, Maišytas, Kita
Ieškomo žmogaus amžius 16 - 60
Registracijos data 10.09.2010, 00:16:11
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