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Feelings are very comlex and very , very hard to explain
it is much easyer to catch the train
and even you search all over the ground
there never the feelings can be found
love and feelings can vanish because of to much fears
in the end itís the lonlyness what is calling on your tears
love is precious and life is short
love gives you everything on this earthly ort
to take the love and fill up your heart
then the feeling will be your great reward
it is the mixture of surpris and suspens
and DON"T fallow the rule of common sense
when itís there, you have to hold it tight
because there is always somebody who like to divide
feel that everything what in love happen to you
itís the will of life believe it , that is true !
Author: werner mullerCreation date: 10.08.2013, 09:38:58
Rating: 3 (1 votes), Views: 12870

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